Hours of Operation

6:30am – 8pm

These times were designated by the City of Sausalito.

Park Rules

The park provides a safe and healthy environment for leash-free socialization and exercise of your dogs.  Please help us to keep it that way by following these rules:

Three dogs per person limit.

No aggressive dogs. Any dogs – including unneutered dogs – that incite fighting must be removed.

Female dogs in heat are not allowed.

Children must be with an adult and are admitted at your own risk.

No unattended dogs. They will be impounded.

No unruly or aggressive dogs are allowed.

Food is discouraged.


Email Address



Mission Statement

Our Mission is to maintain, support and foster a leash-free, clean and protected dog park for exercise, socialization and education in Sausalito in partnership with the City of Sausalito’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Friends of Sausalito Dog Park is a non-profit organization of volunteers for the prevention of cruelty to animals under IRC Section 501 (c) (3) FEIN: 14-1843742

Park History

The Remington Dog Park was established in 1991 by long time Sausalito resident, Dianne Chute, in response to Sausalito’s stringent leash laws, and the lack of places in Southern Marin where dogs could be exercised freely and off leash. She wanted to provide all dogs, in particular her loving golden retriever, Remington, with a clean, protected area for both dogs and owners.

The City of Sauslito’s budget only provides water, electricity and waste removal at Remington Dog Park. All improvements, amenities and related maintenance costs have been and continue to be borne by local dog lovers, supporters, volunteers and users of the Dog Park.

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