With the generous support of donors we have managed to do a number of things this year to benefit the dog park:

• Landscaped the “digging hole” area, which opened in November for general use.
• Installed three concrete slabs for tables.
• Upgraded lower gate for added security.
• General cleanup of accumulated junk

Special thanks also to volunteers Lisa Cottrell, Karen Bendinelli, Anne Scully, Jo Ruff, Margerie Lind and Barry and Tia Waldron. They were involved with weeding the “digging hole” area and spreading chips, and raising funds, ordering and installing the new tent cover. Their efforts are much appreciated

Upcoming plans include:

• Adding new wood chips and redistributing the existing chips.
• Repair both water stations along the fence line.
• Install decomposed granite in the tent to mitigate mud problem in the winter.
• Replace the wood on the park’s tables and benches.
• Upgrade the park’s website.
• One of the park patrons is helping us bring back dog park merchandise in the form of hats and T-shirts that will be for sale on our web site.

If you would like to help this year you can either make a donation through our PayPal account on our web site at http://sausalitodogpark.org/ or by mailing a check to:

Friends of Sausaltio Dog Parks
3001 Bridgeway Ave., K-121
Sausalito, CA 94965

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and as such your donation is tax deductible.

Thanks again for your support.

Friends of Sausalito Dog Parks

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